Cataclysm heirloom FAIL

In case everyone didn't already know, our wonderful heirloom items will not grant us our 10% bonus Exp. for levels 80-85. I really don't know why they decided to do this, but I believe that they are trying to slow down our leveling. It kind of stinks that they would do that, but I do not believe it will take that long to level.


  1. Wish they would have fixed this but with the new quest lines and guild xp the 5 levels seemed to go really fast.


  2. Heya, Im new in your blog I read your post about "Depressed in blogging" at Blog Azeroth and I replied too, thought to drop by and say hi and how you doing? I will be dropping by here too, and will add you in my blog list too. Take care hon <3

  3. I read your post there too but I'm really late posting here. Don't own any heirlooms yet but can imagine that 10% bonus really helps speed the earlier levels.

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